Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Twitter and not so good times

Joined Twitter at last. I have thought I will never do that, I mean, what have I to say that would interest anyone? But gave in. Joined it to follow people :D Creepy thought. I am just tired of searching for some peolpe`s posts via google so now I am following them. Not in a creepy way at all.

The weather has been rainy. It`s like, I can`t live in Scotland/Ireland so their weather is bought here. But I want the mountains. And to hear that gorgeous language. The heather. Sheep.

Training has been hard. This is the one thing I have enjoyed recently. At least I can feel alive. Other than that.. Things have been better. Way better.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Tom Riley

I have a crush on the talented British actor Tom Riley. Major crush. And it is so hopeless, I only get to admire him on screen. I wish I at least had the chance to see him on stage (not to mention meet him, would give so much for that chance).

Until dreams actually decide to come true this is what I have made with my free time (in the order of drawing them, two middle ones I acutally sent him to Almeida Theatre where he will be performing now, oh the suspence):