Tuesday, December 31, 2013

My 2013

Summary of my 2013.
Training. Ran 1300km. 500 km less than previous year, but did not prepare for a marathon this time. Still, not quite satisfied. Few hours of aerobics.
Made 21 drawings. Less than last year (and at the end of 2012 intended to manage more this year).
Visited 2 coutries. Russia (only St Petersburg) and Finland (twice. Round trip and Helsinki).
Saw 3 concerts. Example for the second time. Green Day and Robbie Williams.
Completed my Goodreads reading challenge of 50 books. Really happy with this.

New experiences in 2013.
January. Running 8 km barefoot. Learning plastering.
March. Learning tiling.
April. Deep frying meat pies.
May. Digging a grave.
July. Organizing a foreign trip.
August. Half marathon. (Yeah, I know. Backwards. Full marathon last year :) )
September. Starting work at a different place.
December. Driving inside a BMW :D

Not as happy with things in general as I was a year ago.

Monday, December 30, 2013

Individual cherry and chocolate cake

I was watching My Kitchen Rules season 3. My take on individual cherry and chocolate cake. Receipe
Used half of everything, got 3 cakes.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Why the heck not?

Fate has got to be kidding me! Second time in a row I meet someone who is :) and surprise, surprise, not interested. Like, seriously???

I had a dream last night. I have dreams that I remember in the mornings virtually every night, to be precise. But last one was something different. During most dreams I am being chased by someone/something. Exhausting. But that is what I usually dream about. Running, hiding, trying to get away. Last night I was being chased by a huge black dog. I got away by closing a door to separate us and then for whatever reason decided: what the hell. I opened the door again and stepped back outside being well aware it was going to bite me. Which it did. But I still managed to leave it behind me, not running from it this time.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Tom times four: Riley, Cruise, Hiddleston, Sir Jones

I have drawn Tom Riley several times already. So this time I wanted to do something a bit different.
Tom times four: Tom Riley, Tom Cruise, Tom Hiddleston, Sir Tom Jones. Least happy with Hiddleston.

I`m dreaming of a white Christmas

2013 is almost over. And I want to make an overview of my year. But in the next post. Possibly on 31st Dec.

What I did want to say in this post is that I would have wanted a white Christmas! :( I am entirely happy with snowless winter for a change. Still not recovered from the previous one (that lasted 7 months).

I am so grateful for being able to run outside. When it comes to running. I re-wrote my training notebook, the previous one was de-pageing :D. Anyway, I did not even realise how little I ran this year. I am surprised I managed to compete that well and surpass my 10km record at all. New year goals on 1st Jan.

So, while being delighted with the weather otherwise, I missed snow during Christmas. I know snow is not the the only factor when it comes to Christmas spirit but it is a huge one.