Thursday, May 31, 2012

Marathon, here I come

Signed up for my first marathon today. So, fingers crossed that I`ll be able to finish on 9th September :)

I have had the idea since last summer, when I started training practically solely for it. I am a bit scared, but determined (stubbornly determined as I tend to be when it comes to things I want) to finish no matter the time. Hope all goes well. First race this year will be on next Friday in Rakvere (night run), this time 10km. And then the third (but second most important) competition this year will be Paide-Türi run in October.

Monday, May 14, 2012

In the meanwhile. Egypt. Andrew Buchan

It has been a while since my last post. Took some time off from everything to write my thesis (which turned out to be for nothing). Anyway. In the meantime..

Visited Egypt, Hurghada, with my mother. Were there for 7 days. This was a trip that was ment for resting not being cultural as I am used to. Though mom wanted to go, so there went nothing. Good food. Walked around a bit. Took photos. Did not get to see the pyramids unfortunately.

Andrew Buchan
Andrew Buchan replied. Sent him a letter to the theatre he was performing in. This is my second letter to him and the first time her relpied.

Finally I managed to see Example. Made two drawings in hope of getting them signed. Ended up with no autograph and lost the drawings. That was heartbreaking.

And then I got to see Michael Bublè. That has to be the best concert I have been to. He was absolutly brilliant. And I was lucky enough to get his abutograph

And met P.C. Damn it is with me and finding the ones who are unavailable.