Friday, November 18, 2011


Lately I have discovered Elliot Gleave (Example). His music that is. I do not listen to that kind of music. At all. But I do adore men with hmm.. low voices. And his voice is divine. And now I can`t stop listening to him.

Elliot is having an European tour next year, but no, he is not coming anywhere near here. Tallinn I mean. Helsinki would do. Riga. But he is going to be in Stockholm. If only I had som
eone to take with me. I couldn`t possibly go alone. Ohh, I am actually really happy with the way my drawing of him came out. I tweeted it to him as well. Without any reply. Figures

And I hate twitter. Giving the illusion I could actually communicate with some of my idols, just share a few lines but no one replies to me. I just don`t get it. I am always polite, trying to show my support. They reply to everyone else it seems, but I can tweet and get back nothing. The only person who has tweeted back is Ryan Kelly. I just don`t get it.

Tom Riley vol 2

So, after hmm.. two months of waiting I finally was lucky enough to get Tom Riley`s reply :) Not only that, I do already have a letter and an autograph from him, but his latest letter (yes, he was so very kind to write yet again) was even sweeter than the first one. I guess no one could top his letter but himself.

I am so grateful to him. Wish I could tell him. Just saw a girl travel to London to see his play. If only I had enough money to do that. Though that woulnd`t mean I could get to see him. Perhaps one day

And I finished another drawing of him

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Happy :) Met Märt Avandi

So excited right now. I met Märt Avandi today :) Went to see his and Lenna Kuurmaa`s concert. Well, I went to see him, my second celebrity crush (a) He is a wonderful actor, so funny when he wants to be and has got a beautiful voice while singing.

I had managed to complete his drawing and got his autograph on it. I said that I actually had two of his autographs already that I got last year in Rapla. He said he remebered those drawings (being nice or actually remembering, it was so cute of him). Then he asked where to write and if it is a pencil drawing. And he looked at me. I know, I am like a silly schoolgirl right now, but I don`t care.