Monday, August 19, 2013

Aleksandri half-marathon

Yesterday, on18th August, I ran my first half-marathon. Aleksandri half-marathon was helf for the second time, it was dedicated to acknowledging depression and its consequences. Namesake Aleksander decided to leave this life last year after suffering from depression. Subject that I know too well.

I prepared for my fist marathon (in 2012) the whole year. Though this time, I only found out about it less than a week ago :D 1.56,10. And again, I lost two toenails. Figures, I lost five running an entire marathon, so 2 running half the distace.

It was so warm. And windy. I am actually used to wind, but this time we had strong wind half of the distace.

But again, this month`s new experience done.

Drawing, reading & jam

This is like the first summer that I don`t have to do anything. I mean, I work around the house, tend the garden, do household chores but since graduation I don`t feel this .. obligation to do anything. If I didn`t do something productive, search for materials etc, I felt kind of guilty. But now I had time for myself.

Been doing some drawings lately.

Hattie Morahan
Claudie Blakley
Shirley Henderson

Shirley Henderson
Toby Stephens

Hello, I am a bookaholic. I have always loved to read. Since joining Goodreads , hmm two years ago I have been able to keep better track on reading. I love that site. And since I don`t have to read scientific literature anymore ohh, I have time. Though I understood I might be a bookaholic only this summer. I have piles of books next to my bookshef (that is packed with books also) and I still keep buying them, even though I have tons of unread ones waiting to be picked up.

And the last subject on my topic. Jam. Since we have so many apples this year I decided to try to make apple jam. So I have approx 20 jars made and still want to make some more. I love making jam. Tried some basic apple jam with sugar, then with cinnamon (my favourite) and with cardemon.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Narva Energy Run 2013

Narva Energy Run 2013 was held yesterday (in Narva). Nearly 6 hour car ride (approximately 3 hours both ways) :D

The run itself was quite ok considering I had an operation ten days ago. Anyways 7km, 32.56 (a minute slower that I would have liked). 104th place, 19th out of women.

Weather was fine also. I was afraid it would be warm as it has been for the past few days (weeks`ish). I love the warmth, a wonderful alternation to the 7 month winter. Makes training tricky though. If I want to run with slightly normal temperature, I would either: a) get up at 7 to eat breakfast and go running around 9 b) wait until the evening. Since it is summer, I have my vacation I do not wish to get up that time so the second version applies (which I don`t like either).

Ashton and Brianne Theisen Eaton

Ashton Eaton
I had the opportunity to meet Ashton (world record holder, Olympic and now Word Championship winner in decathlon) and Brianne Thiesen Eaton in Tallinn on 31st July during their training camp.
They held an example training and our coaches and young athletes were able to see them and ask questions. They were so nice, open and friendly. And I of course hade to make a drawing to ask for their autograph (unfortunately I did not have time to make Brianne`s). Which I got :)
Ashton was the first person to take a photo of my drawing :) Though I tweeted it to him as well.