Monday, December 31, 2012

My 2012

Again time to round things up.

So, 2012:
Training: ran 1800 km (a bit more actually, but not that much), swam 34km, 14hrs of aerobics and a few kms on bike. Ran my first marathon :)
Made 26 drawings (about half as much as last year. hmm.. will want to manage more in 2013)
Visited 3 countries (Finland [only Helsinki], Egypt and England)
Saw 2 concerts (Example and Michael Bublè)
20 books (again not as much as I would have liked. Probably due to renovating our house in summer and that taking most of my time)
Again good music
Good TV shows and movies
I enjoy my work and was given an wonderful oppurtunity to expand my field once more.  
Met some brilliant people in life and online.

Not saying everything was good, as always bad (so very bad) experiences and emotions were part of my year but wouldn`t know the value of positive things if not for the bad. Be careful what you wish for? Prince Charming kind of found his way to my life but apparently he was not MY Prince Charming so still waiting for mine :)

Quite wonderful year. Let`s see what next one brings.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Tom Riley Da Vinci's Demons

Tom Riley
So, yet another Tom drawing. This time from Da Vinci's Demons, Roger Kisby`s shot.

Would love to get this signed by Tom. Though I don`t actually want to send it to him, in case it will not get back to me.

A4, bigger than the one I did send and got back. This time a bit trickier. And he didn`t reply to my tweet asking if his agency is the best place to send it to. Hoping for a Christmas miracle.

Edit. Did send it after all, with the GQ drawing. He did reply to my second tweet :) But deleted the reply the next day :( I`ll see how it goes, fingers crossed.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

The rooster experience

Couple of days ago while running I came across a rooster standing by the roadside. It was couple of metres from the road. As it saw me (so it seemed at least), it started walking towards the road. I though I would be faster but closer I came, the faster it started walking and reached the road before I could pass it.

Not the same rooster :D This one was actually friendly
The rooster stood and looked at me. Fine, let it watch, I`ll go behind it, at least that was what I tried to do. For some reason I did not feel like turning my back to it and rightfully. As soon as I had passed it, the rooster started walking towards me. I was like wtf? What do I do if it attacks me? I picked up my pace and so did the rooster until it was running while beating its wings. Like I wasn`t paniced enough :D But fortunately it was not that trained.

The next day there were two roosters. What? The thing is, I have run past them uncountless of times without them so much as looking at my direction.