Tuesday, December 31, 2013

My 2013

Summary of my 2013.
Training. Ran 1300km. 500 km less than previous year, but did not prepare for a marathon this time. Still, not quite satisfied. Few hours of aerobics.
Made 21 drawings. Less than last year (and at the end of 2012 intended to manage more this year).
Visited 2 coutries. Russia (only St Petersburg) and Finland (twice. Round trip and Helsinki).
Saw 3 concerts. Example for the second time. Green Day and Robbie Williams.
Completed my Goodreads reading challenge of 50 books. Really happy with this.

New experiences in 2013.
January. Running 8 km barefoot. Learning plastering.
March. Learning tiling.
April. Deep frying meat pies.
May. Digging a grave.
July. Organizing a foreign trip.
August. Half marathon. (Yeah, I know. Backwards. Full marathon last year :) )
September. Starting work at a different place.
December. Driving inside a BMW :D

Not as happy with things in general as I was a year ago.

Monday, December 30, 2013

Individual cherry and chocolate cake

I was watching My Kitchen Rules season 3. My take on individual cherry and chocolate cake. Receipe
Used half of everything, got 3 cakes.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Why the heck not?

Fate has got to be kidding me! Second time in a row I meet someone who is :) and surprise, surprise, not interested. Like, seriously???

I had a dream last night. I have dreams that I remember in the mornings virtually every night, to be precise. But last one was something different. During most dreams I am being chased by someone/something. Exhausting. But that is what I usually dream about. Running, hiding, trying to get away. Last night I was being chased by a huge black dog. I got away by closing a door to separate us and then for whatever reason decided: what the hell. I opened the door again and stepped back outside being well aware it was going to bite me. Which it did. But I still managed to leave it behind me, not running from it this time.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Tom times four: Riley, Cruise, Hiddleston, Sir Jones

I have drawn Tom Riley several times already. So this time I wanted to do something a bit different.
Tom times four: Tom Riley, Tom Cruise, Tom Hiddleston, Sir Tom Jones. Least happy with Hiddleston.

I`m dreaming of a white Christmas

2013 is almost over. And I want to make an overview of my year. But in the next post. Possibly on 31st Dec.

What I did want to say in this post is that I would have wanted a white Christmas! :( I am entirely happy with snowless winter for a change. Still not recovered from the previous one (that lasted 7 months).

I am so grateful for being able to run outside. When it comes to running. I re-wrote my training notebook, the previous one was de-pageing :D. Anyway, I did not even realise how little I ran this year. I am surprised I managed to compete that well and surpass my 10km record at all. New year goals on 1st Jan.

So, while being delighted with the weather otherwise, I missed snow during Christmas. I know snow is not the the only factor when it comes to Christmas spirit but it is a huge one.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

A few new drawings

Natalia Tena
I need more hours in a day :) Who wouldn`t, I know. But seriously, I need more time after finishing work. Time to read (ohh, reading a wonderful book by :  The Truth Will Out ), draw (seems I have never drawn so little as I have this year) and what else :D Anyway, latest drawings. Two as presents and two already sent to actors.
Emma Thompson & Greg Wise
Fruits for a friend

New season has begun

My season ended with Paide-Türi race (ran from Kirna to Türi though) on 6th October. 6.5km with 29.47, 63rd place, 10th out of women and 4th in my age class.

That was followed by two weeks rest. By now I have started with next season. Got myself new trainers. Third pair this year :(

I was unable to switch off my thoughts today (one of the reasons I enjoy running). I have been training for 20 years in 2014, would be this year but took one off while being in uni. When depr first hit. After which it was so hard to pick it up again. But as I defeated myself I defeated my depr for then. After which it took a lot of time to think things through. It is not over but I understand things differenty now.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Two more races

Jüri Jaanson`s two bridge run was held on 1st of September (thank whoever our schoolyear started on the 2nd :) ) in Pärnu. 9km, 44.44,2. 594th place out of 1463, 76th out of women. Not happy with that. Not the place but with the run. I have not had that .. easy, good feeling while running since the beginning of August (Narva Energy Run & half marathon) and now Jüri Jaanson`s. I am not over trained, perhaps the stress or sth.

SEB Tallinn marathon was held yesterday, 8th of September. I ran 10km. Much, much better feeling this time. 48.39 (that was neto time, the actual time 49.39. But I will not consider that since I had to start so far from the start line and there were so many of us we practically had to walk to the start line). So 48.39. Not happy with that time either. But as felt so poorly previous week in Pärnu I did not dare to hope for anything better. 813th out of 6751 contestants. 80th out women.

One more run this year awaits. Paide-Türi run. I will run the shorter distance, 6.5 km.


Monday, August 19, 2013

Aleksandri half-marathon

Yesterday, on18th August, I ran my first half-marathon. Aleksandri half-marathon was helf for the second time, it was dedicated to acknowledging depression and its consequences. Namesake Aleksander decided to leave this life last year after suffering from depression. Subject that I know too well.

I prepared for my fist marathon (in 2012) the whole year. Though this time, I only found out about it less than a week ago :D 1.56,10. And again, I lost two toenails. Figures, I lost five running an entire marathon, so 2 running half the distace.

It was so warm. And windy. I am actually used to wind, but this time we had strong wind half of the distace.

But again, this month`s new experience done.

Drawing, reading & jam

This is like the first summer that I don`t have to do anything. I mean, I work around the house, tend the garden, do household chores but since graduation I don`t feel this .. obligation to do anything. If I didn`t do something productive, search for materials etc, I felt kind of guilty. But now I had time for myself.

Been doing some drawings lately.

Hattie Morahan
Claudie Blakley
Shirley Henderson

Shirley Henderson
Toby Stephens

Hello, I am a bookaholic. I have always loved to read. Since joining Goodreads , hmm two years ago I have been able to keep better track on reading. I love that site. And since I don`t have to read scientific literature anymore ohh, I have time. Though I understood I might be a bookaholic only this summer. I have piles of books next to my bookshef (that is packed with books also) and I still keep buying them, even though I have tons of unread ones waiting to be picked up.

And the last subject on my topic. Jam. Since we have so many apples this year I decided to try to make apple jam. So I have approx 20 jars made and still want to make some more. I love making jam. Tried some basic apple jam with sugar, then with cinnamon (my favourite) and with cardemon.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Narva Energy Run 2013

Narva Energy Run 2013 was held yesterday (in Narva). Nearly 6 hour car ride (approximately 3 hours both ways) :D

The run itself was quite ok considering I had an operation ten days ago. Anyways 7km, 32.56 (a minute slower that I would have liked). 104th place, 19th out of women.

Weather was fine also. I was afraid it would be warm as it has been for the past few days (weeks`ish). I love the warmth, a wonderful alternation to the 7 month winter. Makes training tricky though. If I want to run with slightly normal temperature, I would either: a) get up at 7 to eat breakfast and go running around 9 b) wait until the evening. Since it is summer, I have my vacation I do not wish to get up that time so the second version applies (which I don`t like either).

Ashton and Brianne Theisen Eaton

Ashton Eaton
I had the opportunity to meet Ashton (world record holder, Olympic and now Word Championship winner in decathlon) and Brianne Thiesen Eaton in Tallinn on 31st July during their training camp.
They held an example training and our coaches and young athletes were able to see them and ask questions. They were so nice, open and friendly. And I of course hade to make a drawing to ask for their autograph (unfortunately I did not have time to make Brianne`s). Which I got :)
Ashton was the first person to take a photo of my drawing :) Though I tweeted it to him as well.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Yet another year older

It`s my birthday and I cry if I want to.. Lesley Gore`s It`s my party (with a slight moderation in lyrics) has rolled in my head the entire day.

Again it has been a while since my last post. Graduated from Masters. Finally. Unsure about next year. Got an offer, made my decision, made peace with that and then got yet another offer. Ugh..

Sportswise. Ran 10km twice. Once during Paf Tartu Olympic run (new personal best 48.41,2) and improved my personal best in Rakvere Nightrun (47. .. ugh, can`t remember right now). Was supposed to run 800m but injured my leg the week prior. Now training for Narva Energy Run (Pärnu, Tallinn and Paide after that).

Apart from one drawing, I haven`t actually found the motivation, inspiration nor want to draw. No, that would be lying. Have had motivation but not gotten any further than a sketch.

Have managed to read quite a lot :)

Since I didn`t go for a longer trip this year, I travelled with my parents in Finland. I mapped the destinations, booked accommodations and ship tickets, searched for sightseeings etc. Managed to pull that off so have my sights on finally planning a trip to Ireland. Or Scotland would be perfect as well.

So, another year older.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow...

In April? It is 11th April, I look outside my window and it is snowing? Seriously? Estonia was covered with snow in October. We are supposed to have four seasons. Four. Four equal seasons not one long and three tiny ones. But right now we have had seven months of winter (for me snow equals winter, no matter what the calender says) so.. If winter lasts for seven months out of twelve it leaves five months for the other three seasons. How is that fair? Why won`t other seasons fight for their right to come? Fight for goodness' sake!!! I love that we have four seasons (I love each of them) but come on.. Three months for each. Can`t winter calculate? :)

Saturday, April 6, 2013


Dan Smith, Bastille
Nope, this post has nothing to do with French Revolution.

 Lately I have discovered Bastille, a band form UK. Right now I am obsessed with Dan Smith`s, the lead singer, voice. It is haunting. Addictive. Beautiful. Been listening to their songs, first one Pompeii heard from radio and then it went. I seriously have to stop though, when I listen to someone too much I lose interest. But I can`t stop.

Anyways, took a paper last night and got it almost done around midnight. Dan Smith

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Tiling ?

Graduated from a tiling course :) 

I haven`t had the time nor inspiration to draw anything since tiling started. I have .. four? drawings started at the time. But all I do is stare at them and don`t feel like adding a line. Same goes for some other aspects of my life.

But I still love losing myself in books. Since I only read 20 last year I did not dare to make much bigger aim for this year. Goodreads reading challenge 2013 for me includes 30 books (11 finished). Reading Beautiful Creatures right now.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Once Upon A Time - Colin O`Donoghue, Ginnifer Goodwin, Josh Dallas

Finished my drawing of Colin O'Donoghue today and thought I would put it here together with two previous Once Upon A Time related ones. Once Upon A Time is one of the few not UK tv shows that I watch. And absolutely adore.

So, first is Josh Dallas who plays Prince Charming/David Nolan. The second is Ginnifer Goodwin aka Snow White/Mary Margaret Blanchard and as already said Colin O'Donoghue as Captain Hook/ Killian Jones.
Josh Dallas / Prince Charming
Ginnifer Goodwin / Snow White
Colin O`Donoghue / Captain Hook

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Tom Riley vol 3

Tom Riley
Saying Tom made my day would be such an understatement. So, yet again he was ever so sweet to reply to my letter and sign my drawing. I couldn`t express how grateful and happy I am that he found the time to write back in addition to his autograph (which I actually received last week).

I cannot wait for Da Vinci`s Demons. 

Sunday, January 6, 2013

New experiences

I already started with a sentence that nothing new has happened this year but then I realized this is actually not true.

My first new experience was to run 8 km barefoot :D (inside though). I had run 16 km the previous day and got a blister that I forgot about so it was kind of painful to run with trainers. The obvious move - why not run barefoot? Oh, the feeling in my shins the next day :) I have done it before but never such a distance.

The next new thing was a plastering course. As it was a holiday we (teachers in both of my schools as I teach in two schools) had to take courses and one of which I chose was plastering. I loved it. Not to mention all we had to memorize were three keywords (in that particular order): cow, sex, feelings.

And the drawing is of Audi R8 which I fell in love with when watching Date Night My last drawing of 2012.

Still hoping to hear back from Tom.