Saturday, December 31, 2011

My 2011

Another year gone. Though I am quite happy with things (even though life is not that easy for a lot of people, me included, but still happy)

So, 2011:
Ran 585 km (from April to the end of August) and 71 hours (from September to the end of the year). Aiming to run a marathon next year.
Made 59 drawings (give or take one or two)
Visited 4 countries (the Netherlands, Sweden [even if it was only Stockholm], Finland [only Helsinki] and Wales)
Saw 2 concerts (Linkin Park in Helsinki and 30 Seconds To Mars in Tallinn. Well I did see up to hmm.. 10`ish Estonian performers as well)
And got to read some incredible (and some not so incredible, maybe even dreadful) books.
Good music
Good TV shows (my newest discovery: Once Upon A Time)
Work was good (had work, even that is good nowadays)
Met some brilliant people in life, online

Of course had some pretty (pretty darn) bad (and depressing) things too, but no point focusing on them. And still waiting for my Prince Charming :)

So quite enjoyable time this year. Let`s see what new year brings

Playing with colours and some

Finished my second coloured pencils drawing today (of a face that is). And then possibly two of my favourite drawings this year (along with some already posted and some I did not post, but are on Facebook/DA).

Tim Roth

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Bublèishious winter

Michael Bublè is coming to Tallinn on 21st April 2012 :) I couldn`t believe my ears when I heard it. And I got my ticket today. Though it was more expensive than Linkin Park`s concert in Helsinki (including the ship and the hotel!) I intend to make a drawing of him and do my very best to get his autograph.

I have been running a lot lately. Intending to run a marathon eventually. But for now 4x1 hour and 2x2 hours per week. I have managed to strain my knee. If it gets worse I..

Friday, November 18, 2011


Lately I have discovered Elliot Gleave (Example). His music that is. I do not listen to that kind of music. At all. But I do adore men with hmm.. low voices. And his voice is divine. And now I can`t stop listening to him.

Elliot is having an European tour next year, but no, he is not coming anywhere near here. Tallinn I mean. Helsinki would do. Riga. But he is going to be in Stockholm. If only I had som
eone to take with me. I couldn`t possibly go alone. Ohh, I am actually really happy with the way my drawing of him came out. I tweeted it to him as well. Without any reply. Figures

And I hate twitter. Giving the illusion I could actually communicate with some of my idols, just share a few lines but no one replies to me. I just don`t get it. I am always polite, trying to show my support. They reply to everyone else it seems, but I can tweet and get back nothing. The only person who has tweeted back is Ryan Kelly. I just don`t get it.

Tom Riley vol 2

So, after hmm.. two months of waiting I finally was lucky enough to get Tom Riley`s reply :) Not only that, I do already have a letter and an autograph from him, but his latest letter (yes, he was so very kind to write yet again) was even sweeter than the first one. I guess no one could top his letter but himself.

I am so grateful to him. Wish I could tell him. Just saw a girl travel to London to see his play. If only I had enough money to do that. Though that woulnd`t mean I could get to see him. Perhaps one day

And I finished another drawing of him

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Happy :) Met Märt Avandi

So excited right now. I met Märt Avandi today :) Went to see his and Lenna Kuurmaa`s concert. Well, I went to see him, my second celebrity crush (a) He is a wonderful actor, so funny when he wants to be and has got a beautiful voice while singing.

I had managed to complete his drawing and got his autograph on it. I said that I actually had two of his autographs already that I got last year in Rapla. He said he remebered those drawings (being nice or actually remembering, it was so cute of him). Then he asked where to write and if it is a pencil drawing. And he looked at me. I know, I am like a silly schoolgirl right now, but I don`t care.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Tobias Menzies replied :)

Tobias Menzies
Tobias Menzies replied to me :) I am so happy. I have one previous reply from him as well, then via agency, this time via a theatre.

Ruth Wilson replied too :) I wrote to her to a theatre she is performing in.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Twitter and not so good times

Joined Twitter at last. I have thought I will never do that, I mean, what have I to say that would interest anyone? But gave in. Joined it to follow people :D Creepy thought. I am just tired of searching for some peolpe`s posts via google so now I am following them. Not in a creepy way at all.

The weather has been rainy. It`s like, I can`t live in Scotland/Ireland so their weather is bought here. But I want the mountains. And to hear that gorgeous language. The heather. Sheep.

Training has been hard. This is the one thing I have enjoyed recently. At least I can feel alive. Other than that.. Things have been better. Way better.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Tom Riley

I have a crush on the talented British actor Tom Riley. Major crush. And it is so hopeless, I only get to admire him on screen. I wish I at least had the chance to see him on stage (not to mention meet him, would give so much for that chance).

Until dreams actually decide to come true this is what I have made with my free time (in the order of drawing them, two middle ones I acutally sent him to Almeida Theatre where he will be performing now, oh the suspence):

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Back from Wales & Conrwall

I cannot believe it has been a month, an entire month that I have been back home. And summer is over. And work starts tomorrow.

This year I travelled with Germalo to Wales and Cornwall. We started with a day in Cornwall and then moved up to Wales.

Wales was.. not so grand as Ireland. Or Scotland for that matter. Maybe it was because of the weather. And I know perfectly well that it is a factor I can not do anything about. It just did not feel right. Nature was not so great, I missed mountains. Even though we got to ride to the top of Snowdon and I got to see the thickest fog I have ever seen. Like, I literally could not see a metre from myself. And that was about the whole view from the top. Oh, there was a sheep :D One of the reasons I am not enitrely unhappy about my trip, sheep. I knew there had to be at least one sheep on that mountain. And I found three, must have scared one to bits, as I appeared from the fog.
Eden Project

I got some nice pictures though.

Tardis, Caeranforn
Back to work tomorrow. Where did summer go??

Vicars` Close, Wells


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

30 Seconds To Mars :)

So I guess I am going to Riga in November to see 30 Seconds To Mars again (a) I wish..

But now that both concerts are over I can say that 30STM surpassed Linkin Park by far. They were like night and day. I used to think that I prefer Linkin`s music but their concert was like playing their songs and that`s it. But 30STM, Jared talked to the audience between songs, He invited people on stage, perfomed, communicated, it was amazing. While being ill. And even though I couldn`t get as close to the stage as I would have wanted, this was brilliant. And I discovered they would be performing in Riga on 2Nov so...

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Johnny Depp

During May I had my first personal exhibition in Kabala :)  I am so proud of myself :D Well, it was something new.
And then I won a third place in a drawing competition. Johnny Depp as Capt Jack Sparrow.

Linkin Park & 30 STM on the way

So.. I am so very excited. I am going to see Linkin Park tomorrow :D Going to go to Helsinki where they will be perfoming. It`s my first time seeing them live. And I cannot wait.

And then I am going to see 30 Seconds To Mars next Tuesday when they are coming to Estonia.

Everything is happening around such a short period and I wish I had a bit more time. My class will graduate on Friday so this will leave me very little time to get back on Firday morning, sign a few things that I couldn`t today and get ready. Argh.

But the hurrying will be worth it. I am going to see Linkin and 30STM :)

Monday, May 23, 2011

Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki

So, my second attempt of drawing Jensen. Here are Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki from Supernatural. Mom went like, are you going to get their autographs? Recently I have started drawing pics of people whose autographs I am able to get in person. Which means from my own country. Not that I have been able to get any recently. I was like in my dreams.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Jensen Ackles

This is my vision of the brilliant Jensen Ackles from Supernatural.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Met Ott Lepland, received Daniela Denby-Ashe`s autograph

I met Ott Lepland after his concert in Türi :) Got his autograph on my drawing. Ott is the third winner of Estonian Pop Idol (Eesti otsib superstaari).

I also got Daniela Denby-Ashe`s autograph on my drawing via mail. I loved her performance in My Family but even more in North and South.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Back from Stockholm

Back from Stockholm. Everything turned out fine though we had some drama. Some major drama. We were on our class excursion (me being in charge of my students along with another teacher). Our trip lasted three days out of which two includes solely being on a ship.

Our trip begun with a bus drive to the harbour, getting on the ship, dinner on board and that was the first day. On the morning of the second day we watched Stockholm getting closer and closer. Finally it was time to land. As decided previously we did not take any guided tours to get to know the old city, instead we headed to Gamla Stan, made sure everyone had their maps, decided where and when to gather on our way back to the ship.

The other teacher and I went for a walk, took pictures, went shopping until it was agreed time to meet (we being there earlier of course). Then as we found out, three boys were absent. As I had made sure I had all of my student`s phone numbers I called one of them. He managed to tell me where they were and I to him where they were supposed to be (basically other side of a long-long building) when his battery died. Tried calling again with no luck. And the other two did not have phones. As we did not have that much time until boarding I made the others and the teacher wait and ran (in my heels) to the other side of the long building (two blocks? ) where they were supposed to be only to find out they were not to be seen. Called my colleague, boys had not arrived. Ran back to the group. Sent others to the ship and was near a heart attack. Ran back to where they said they were and oh, what luck, three of our boys waiting. Rushed back to the ship and fortunately did not have to spend a night in Stockholm this time.

Then last Thursday was so exciting :) I had my interview taken (hmm.. wow, fifth already) . The article will be out this Friday. Wonder what impression I made.

Things have been exciting :)

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Learing to draw hair

I have never been happy with the way I draw hair. Not until I found out what I can do with kneadable erasure. And this is the first time I am actually proud of the way my drawing came out :)

The drawing is of Birgit Õigemeel, winner of first season of Estonian Pop Idol (Eesti otsib superstaari). She is a wonderful singer and a beautiful woman.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Over the moon. Linkin Park in Helskinki

Be still my heart :D I cannot believe this. I cannot believe this. Not only will I be able to see Linkin Park (in Helsinki, 16th June 2011) but I found out that 30 Seconds to Mars will be performing in Estonia (21. June 2011). If only I would manage to get a ticket.
I never thought I would get to see Good Charlotte, Simple Plan (both were in Estonia), now Linkin Park and possibly 30StM. Here. I mean here.


So I am an owner of one of their ticket now :)

Sunday, February 20, 2011


My experiments with hands. Finished the third yesterday.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Geni is hilarious

Geni is hilarious T.H. Ilves (Estonian current president) is my mother`s second cousin's wife's niece's husband's first cousin's husband's half sister's husband's ex-wife's husband.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Orange cupcakes

Made cupcakes today :) Orange cupcakes with fresh cheese-lemon glazing. Pretty satisfied actually.

2 eggs
1.5dl sugar
100g butter
2.75 dl flour
1.5tsp baking powder
1 tsp vanilla
Zest and 1/2 juice of orange

150g Cream cheese (soft cheese)
few drops of lemon juice
150g caster sugar

Beat eggs and sugar. Add melted butter. Add dry ingredients (previously add baking powder and vanilla to flour). Stir. Add orange juice and zest.

Bake in preheated oven, 200C 12-15 minutes.

For frosting I stirred cream cheese and caster sugar. Do not over stir, it can be runny. Add lemon juice.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Hollandist tagasi/Dust buster gets busted by the duster. (And back from the Netherlands)

2011. aasta esimesel reisil on käidud :) Sain ootamatu võimaluse külastada Hollandit, äärmiselt lahe kogemus. Kuigi selle aasta reis alles ootab ees juulis. Järgmine sünnipäev möödub Clovellys, Cornwallis, ei jõua oodata.

 Lugesin lende, koos Hollandiga 14 :) Välja arvatud ilm, mis oli natuke jahe ja pilvine, oli reis põnev. Amsterdam põhiliselt. Huvitavad majad, kanalid. Oleks tahtnud näha õitsevaid tulpe.

Lets watch this dust buster gets busted by the duster :D Crazy sentence, I just had to write it down.

So the first trip of 2011 is over. Visited the Netherlands. Though the main trip of this year is yet to come in July :) Again away for my birhtday (for the fourth time). This time I am going to spend my BD in Clovelly, Conrwall. Can`t wait.

Counting the Netherlands I have flown 14 times. Apart from the weather, which was a bit chilly and cloudy, it was nice. Liked the houses, the canals, would have loved flowers (tulpis) if they would have bloomed. Wonderful company. That I enjoyed the most. And I got to eat mexican and chinese food for the first time :)