Thursday, January 27, 2011

Hollandist tagasi/Dust buster gets busted by the duster. (And back from the Netherlands)

2011. aasta esimesel reisil on käidud :) Sain ootamatu võimaluse külastada Hollandit, äärmiselt lahe kogemus. Kuigi selle aasta reis alles ootab ees juulis. Järgmine sünnipäev möödub Clovellys, Cornwallis, ei jõua oodata.

 Lugesin lende, koos Hollandiga 14 :) Välja arvatud ilm, mis oli natuke jahe ja pilvine, oli reis põnev. Amsterdam põhiliselt. Huvitavad majad, kanalid. Oleks tahtnud näha õitsevaid tulpe.

Lets watch this dust buster gets busted by the duster :D Crazy sentence, I just had to write it down.

So the first trip of 2011 is over. Visited the Netherlands. Though the main trip of this year is yet to come in July :) Again away for my birhtday (for the fourth time). This time I am going to spend my BD in Clovelly, Conrwall. Can`t wait.

Counting the Netherlands I have flown 14 times. Apart from the weather, which was a bit chilly and cloudy, it was nice. Liked the houses, the canals, would have loved flowers (tulpis) if they would have bloomed. Wonderful company. That I enjoyed the most. And I got to eat mexican and chinese food for the first time :)

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