Sunday, March 27, 2011

Back from Stockholm

Back from Stockholm. Everything turned out fine though we had some drama. Some major drama. We were on our class excursion (me being in charge of my students along with another teacher). Our trip lasted three days out of which two includes solely being on a ship.

Our trip begun with a bus drive to the harbour, getting on the ship, dinner on board and that was the first day. On the morning of the second day we watched Stockholm getting closer and closer. Finally it was time to land. As decided previously we did not take any guided tours to get to know the old city, instead we headed to Gamla Stan, made sure everyone had their maps, decided where and when to gather on our way back to the ship.

The other teacher and I went for a walk, took pictures, went shopping until it was agreed time to meet (we being there earlier of course). Then as we found out, three boys were absent. As I had made sure I had all of my student`s phone numbers I called one of them. He managed to tell me where they were and I to him where they were supposed to be (basically other side of a long-long building) when his battery died. Tried calling again with no luck. And the other two did not have phones. As we did not have that much time until boarding I made the others and the teacher wait and ran (in my heels) to the other side of the long building (two blocks? ) where they were supposed to be only to find out they were not to be seen. Called my colleague, boys had not arrived. Ran back to the group. Sent others to the ship and was near a heart attack. Ran back to where they said they were and oh, what luck, three of our boys waiting. Rushed back to the ship and fortunately did not have to spend a night in Stockholm this time.

Then last Thursday was so exciting :) I had my interview taken (hmm.. wow, fifth already) . The article will be out this Friday. Wonder what impression I made.

Things have been exciting :)

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