Saturday, December 31, 2011

My 2011

Another year gone. Though I am quite happy with things (even though life is not that easy for a lot of people, me included, but still happy)

So, 2011:
Ran 585 km (from April to the end of August) and 71 hours (from September to the end of the year). Aiming to run a marathon next year.
Made 59 drawings (give or take one or two)
Visited 4 countries (the Netherlands, Sweden [even if it was only Stockholm], Finland [only Helsinki] and Wales)
Saw 2 concerts (Linkin Park in Helsinki and 30 Seconds To Mars in Tallinn. Well I did see up to hmm.. 10`ish Estonian performers as well)
And got to read some incredible (and some not so incredible, maybe even dreadful) books.
Good music
Good TV shows (my newest discovery: Once Upon A Time)
Work was good (had work, even that is good nowadays)
Met some brilliant people in life, online

Of course had some pretty (pretty darn) bad (and depressing) things too, but no point focusing on them. And still waiting for my Prince Charming :)

So quite enjoyable time this year. Let`s see what new year brings

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