Tuesday, September 11, 2012

My first marathon

So, my first marathon, the most important and anticipated event for me for more than a year, is over and I am still alive :) The run took place in Tallinn on 9th September, named SEB Tallinn Marathon. I was planning to run my 42km & 195m with 4 hours but ended with the time 4 hrs, 3 min and 35 sec.

The weather was superb, sunny but not too warm. Windy but I am quite used to that. The track was wonderful, two laps of 21 km of quite even landscape.

The only worry I had at the beginning was how to find the pacemaker. Since it was my first run of that length (although I have ran 30km laps during traning but not with that pace nor that much) I did not trust myself to run alone. And pacemakers were provided for every 15 minutes starting from 3 hours. So I chose 4 hours but he started a sector ahead of me and I was worried I wouldn`t be able to find him. Luckily my pacemaker, Toomas Unt, carried two red balloons (which he carried throughout the entire run :) ) But that anxiety was needless, after the start I was easily able to catch up with him.
Drank in every refreshment station, sip or two at a time. Which brought another issue, because our pacemaker did not drink from the first station and there were so many people wanting a drink at a time so I had to catch up with him. But that happnened for the first station only, knew what to wait for the next one.

I was able to run beside/behind our pacemaker up until the 32rd km and then my legs got tired. Not for a second did I think I wouldn`t make it to the finish, but I dropped my pace considerably. And as I understood, I was certain I ran the last 10 km even slower than I do while training when I need to get my pulse down with extra slow speed. I was certain my time would be over 5 hours. I had a minor cramp in my shin muscles on the 41st kilometre and that totally freaked me out, because I knew I wouldn`t be able to run with that. But it only lasted for a few seconds (I know the mineral water I drank the week prior saved me).

To my utmost surprise I finised with the time mentioned only five minutes after my group. Our estimated time was supposed to be 4 hrs but Toomas Unt said he was planning to finish within 3.58,..
After finish I had buzzing hands and legs (probably due to my slightly drifted cervical vertebrae - I am not exactly sure if that is the correct word). As a result I have three blue toenails, blisters, aching muscles. And I have the next compertition, Paide-Türi race 14km in four weeks.
It was so cute that my family, all my workmates, my parents workmates were so supportive of me. The only thing, two people, who are important to me were not slightly interested. But, yeah, I ran for myself.

But all in all, I am so proud of myself for making it. And I am quite happy with the time, will do better next time :)

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