Friday, July 19, 2013

Yet another year older

It`s my birthday and I cry if I want to.. Lesley Gore`s It`s my party (with a slight moderation in lyrics) has rolled in my head the entire day.

Again it has been a while since my last post. Graduated from Masters. Finally. Unsure about next year. Got an offer, made my decision, made peace with that and then got yet another offer. Ugh..

Sportswise. Ran 10km twice. Once during Paf Tartu Olympic run (new personal best 48.41,2) and improved my personal best in Rakvere Nightrun (47. .. ugh, can`t remember right now). Was supposed to run 800m but injured my leg the week prior. Now training for Narva Energy Run (Pärnu, Tallinn and Paide after that).

Apart from one drawing, I haven`t actually found the motivation, inspiration nor want to draw. No, that would be lying. Have had motivation but not gotten any further than a sketch.

Have managed to read quite a lot :)

Since I didn`t go for a longer trip this year, I travelled with my parents in Finland. I mapped the destinations, booked accommodations and ship tickets, searched for sightseeings etc. Managed to pull that off so have my sights on finally planning a trip to Ireland. Or Scotland would be perfect as well.

So, another year older.

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