Thursday, December 26, 2013

I`m dreaming of a white Christmas

2013 is almost over. And I want to make an overview of my year. But in the next post. Possibly on 31st Dec.

What I did want to say in this post is that I would have wanted a white Christmas! :( I am entirely happy with snowless winter for a change. Still not recovered from the previous one (that lasted 7 months).

I am so grateful for being able to run outside. When it comes to running. I re-wrote my training notebook, the previous one was de-pageing :D. Anyway, I did not even realise how little I ran this year. I am surprised I managed to compete that well and surpass my 10km record at all. New year goals on 1st Jan.

So, while being delighted with the weather otherwise, I missed snow during Christmas. I know snow is not the the only factor when it comes to Christmas spirit but it is a huge one.

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