Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Back from Kuopio. My baking blog

Where does the time go? Once again I find myself wishing (as I am sure many people do) I had more hours in a day. So much I would like to get done and have some time for doing absolutely nothing at all.

I decided to start a separate blog for food recipes I have tried. Mainly cakes :) Right now they are in Estonian, though when I find time (hah) I am going to add them in English as well. Nothing fancy, just making myself a reminder if ever I need to make something again.

Our street
As for the title for this blog. I had an oppurtunity to visit Kuopio, Finland, two weeks ago. I was a part of our school`s project team and acted as a translator. Kuopio is a nice city, approximately 400km from Helsinki. Fortunately we had a wonderful group of people in our tiny bus. Arrived there on Sunday. On Monday we were shown our host school. Tuesday and Thursday consisted of seeing practical lessons.

Our street
Kuopio cathedral
Morning run
Wednesday was the crazy day. I did translate every day but on Wednesday I spoke non-stop from nine to three. I used to think synchronic translation is hard :D I did not feel the best due to my dizziness and for some reason had a hard time concentrating and remembering the first part of the texts. So by Thursday it was no problem to translate while a person was speaking :)

Not to mention that dizziness lasted for two weeks.
Orthodox church

We stayed in Jahtihovi hotel, lovey place with a good location. Went running before breakfast, something new. Tried different food. And enjoyed wonderful company.

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