Monday, June 23, 2014

Tartu Olympirc run and Narva Energy run

After completing last year`s Estonian City Runs I though I would participate in 5 runs this year (Tartu, Narva, Rakvere, Tallinn and Paide-Türi) but decided against it because Narva is so far. It was last December when I paid for the competition fees and came to that conclusion. So that was it.

So first competition this year was .. well actually Paide-Türi spring triathlon where I ran 2 km.

After that came Tartu PAF Olympic Run on 24th May. I ran 10 kilometres in terrible heat. I know it was the same for everyone. I was well prepared as I wrote previously, apart from that shin injury the week prior but I had been able to run and train without injuries the entire winter and spring. I was determined to improve my bersonal best but failed :( Maybe the heat got to me. But I have had trouble with motivation. I have never been a particular fighter, if someone passes me, I just let them. I ran with 48.39, last year with 48.41,2 and was 296th, 34th woman (last year 461st and 75th woman) but unsatisfied with the result.

Next competition this year was supposed to be Rakvere Night Run in August. But to my utter surprise I had an email four days before Narva Energy Run stating I had successfully registered for the run and a memo for the participants. As it came out, I had paid for that competition as well. So off to Narva. Narva Energy Run was held on 15th June. I ran 7 kilometres with 30.25, improving my last year`s time with approximately two minutes (32,56), came 81st and 12th out of women (6th in my age group). Last year 104th and 24th woman (12th in my age group). I had no feeling before the run, I was able to enjoy the track without feeling exhausted this time. Happy.

Next will be 1500metres in Viljadi on Sunday.

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