Saturday, December 1, 2012

The rooster experience

Couple of days ago while running I came across a rooster standing by the roadside. It was couple of metres from the road. As it saw me (so it seemed at least), it started walking towards the road. I though I would be faster but closer I came, the faster it started walking and reached the road before I could pass it.

Not the same rooster :D This one was actually friendly
The rooster stood and looked at me. Fine, let it watch, I`ll go behind it, at least that was what I tried to do. For some reason I did not feel like turning my back to it and rightfully. As soon as I had passed it, the rooster started walking towards me. I was like wtf? What do I do if it attacks me? I picked up my pace and so did the rooster until it was running while beating its wings. Like I wasn`t paniced enough :D But fortunately it was not that trained.

The next day there were two roosters. What? The thing is, I have run past them uncountless of times without them so much as looking at my direction.

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