Sunday, January 6, 2013

New experiences

I already started with a sentence that nothing new has happened this year but then I realized this is actually not true.

My first new experience was to run 8 km barefoot :D (inside though). I had run 16 km the previous day and got a blister that I forgot about so it was kind of painful to run with trainers. The obvious move - why not run barefoot? Oh, the feeling in my shins the next day :) I have done it before but never such a distance.

The next new thing was a plastering course. As it was a holiday we (teachers in both of my schools as I teach in two schools) had to take courses and one of which I chose was plastering. I loved it. Not to mention all we had to memorize were three keywords (in that particular order): cow, sex, feelings.

And the drawing is of Audi R8 which I fell in love with when watching Date Night My last drawing of 2012.

Still hoping to hear back from Tom. 

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