Monday, August 19, 2013

Drawing, reading & jam

This is like the first summer that I don`t have to do anything. I mean, I work around the house, tend the garden, do household chores but since graduation I don`t feel this .. obligation to do anything. If I didn`t do something productive, search for materials etc, I felt kind of guilty. But now I had time for myself.

Been doing some drawings lately.

Hattie Morahan
Claudie Blakley
Shirley Henderson

Shirley Henderson
Toby Stephens

Hello, I am a bookaholic. I have always loved to read. Since joining Goodreads , hmm two years ago I have been able to keep better track on reading. I love that site. And since I don`t have to read scientific literature anymore ohh, I have time. Though I understood I might be a bookaholic only this summer. I have piles of books next to my bookshef (that is packed with books also) and I still keep buying them, even though I have tons of unread ones waiting to be picked up.

And the last subject on my topic. Jam. Since we have so many apples this year I decided to try to make apple jam. So I have approx 20 jars made and still want to make some more. I love making jam. Tried some basic apple jam with sugar, then with cinnamon (my favourite) and with cardemon.

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