Sunday, August 11, 2013

Narva Energy Run 2013

Narva Energy Run 2013 was held yesterday (in Narva). Nearly 6 hour car ride (approximately 3 hours both ways) :D

The run itself was quite ok considering I had an operation ten days ago. Anyways 7km, 32.56 (a minute slower that I would have liked). 104th place, 19th out of women.

Weather was fine also. I was afraid it would be warm as it has been for the past few days (weeks`ish). I love the warmth, a wonderful alternation to the 7 month winter. Makes training tricky though. If I want to run with slightly normal temperature, I would either: a) get up at 7 to eat breakfast and go running around 9 b) wait until the evening. Since it is summer, I have my vacation I do not wish to get up that time so the second version applies (which I don`t like either).

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