Monday, September 9, 2013

Two more races

Jüri Jaanson`s two bridge run was held on 1st of September (thank whoever our schoolyear started on the 2nd :) ) in Pärnu. 9km, 44.44,2. 594th place out of 1463, 76th out of women. Not happy with that. Not the place but with the run. I have not had that .. easy, good feeling while running since the beginning of August (Narva Energy Run & half marathon) and now Jüri Jaanson`s. I am not over trained, perhaps the stress or sth.

SEB Tallinn marathon was held yesterday, 8th of September. I ran 10km. Much, much better feeling this time. 48.39 (that was neto time, the actual time 49.39. But I will not consider that since I had to start so far from the start line and there were so many of us we practically had to walk to the start line). So 48.39. Not happy with that time either. But as felt so poorly previous week in Pärnu I did not dare to hope for anything better. 813th out of 6751 contestants. 80th out women.

One more run this year awaits. Paide-Türi run. I will run the shorter distance, 6.5 km.


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