Sunday, October 27, 2013

New season has begun

My season ended with Paide-Türi race (ran from Kirna to Türi though) on 6th October. 6.5km with 29.47, 63rd place, 10th out of women and 4th in my age class.

That was followed by two weeks rest. By now I have started with next season. Got myself new trainers. Third pair this year :(

I was unable to switch off my thoughts today (one of the reasons I enjoy running). I have been training for 20 years in 2014, would be this year but took one off while being in uni. When depr first hit. After which it was so hard to pick it up again. But as I defeated myself I defeated my depr for then. After which it took a lot of time to think things through. It is not over but I understand things differenty now.

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