Sunday, September 28, 2014

Éire vol2 day five. BD :)

July 19th, my 30th birthday.
As a tiny tradition on my birthday while travelling (which has happened quite a lot of times to come to think of that), I get up early and take a walk. Although I had already taken the Moher trail I went there again. The previous night had been sunny and I wanted good pictures in case it was raining on my birthday morning. So again I took the now known track and enjoyed the beautiful scenery and the view of the Atlantic Ocean.
Doolin Hostel

Breakfast was the same as the previous morning.

Doolin stalactite
As we did not have any timely visits my friend suggested we visited the Doolin Cave (Pol an Ionain) which we did not have time for earlier. Tom lead us back to the cave but it was still too early to be open. So we ended up being back on the coast to admire the limestone and the Ocean.  But soon enough the visitor centre was opened and our guide led us down the caves speaking about discovering the cave and its history. We got to see the 7m stalactite which was quite impressive.

Cliffs of Moher

The Hag`s Head

Cliffs of Moher
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Our day continued with cliffs of Moher, this time starting from the visitor centre. We agreed to spend three hours by the cliffs and meet up when the time was up. So I explored the trail leading right (got to the point where I had reached starting from Doolin), sat on an edge and let the time pass. Only to discover I should have enough time to reach the other end (Hag`s head not Liscannor). So I made my way towards that direction. I cannot express how gorgeous the view is. Once again the weather was splendid. Just walked and took in the presence. I did nearly reach the Hag`s Head. I got nearly to the end but saw our appointed time was approaching so I made it back.

Slowly making our way to Bunratty we had lunch in Liscannor. Liscannor is a lovely small village.

 Then came Ennis. We had plenty of time since we did not want to reach Bunratty too early. So what are girls to do? Go shopping of course :D Well, Ennis was the only town we were in when shops were still open. We had been in Galway but it had been too late and besides, we had not though about that. But when the opportunity presented itself, why not? Got some candy for my people back home. And found a discount store to stack up on baking supplies. Finding that shop was marvellous.
Bunratty castle
Our day ended in Bunratty, we were sleeping in Bunratty Villa B&B. Oh, what a gem! The hostess was so nice. Not to mention the B&B was absolutely adorable, so pretty, clean and comfortable. Birthday deserved a dinner out. Bunratty itself is quite a small town. We had dinner in a pub next to Bunratty Castle. Yum. And ended the day with reading in a comfy chair.

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