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Éire vol2 day six

Bunratty Villa B;B with our rental car
20th July. Bunratty Villa B&B was a really nice place to stay, they made us feel really welcome. Breakfast was delicious. We were able to choose from buffet and then order our main dish. I chose pancakes. Yum. First time I have eaten them with maple syrup. They always do that in movies, overflow a stack of pancakes with a lot of syrup so I got to try that out. Served with fresh berries.
Trinitarian Monastery

Our next stop was Adare, a cute village some 15 km from Limerick. Called one of the prettiest villags in Ireland. Thatched roofs like in Renvyle, but houses were colourful. We visited the Heritage centre, saw the local school and wondered around the streets. There is a beautiful park and castle but not open for looking around. Most of the colourful houses are either shops or cafes. Luckily we were not that early so most were already open and we got to peek inside.

High Cross
The Rock of Cashel
Slowly heading back towards Eastern coast we stopped in Cashel to see the Rock of Cashel (Carraig Phádraig). At the time it was being partly renovated so it had these big sheets covering some of the view. But what was visible was stunning. Rock of Cashel is also known as Cashel of the Kings and St. Patrick's Rock. Visitors were offered to listen to local guides introducing the Rock and its history. Very nice experience.

Another Rock that was on our way was The Rock of Dunmase. Oh, the road leading to the ruins was again so great, so narrow I had to hold my breath to keep the car thinner. Luckily there are pockets just for letting cars pass. This is one thing I did the entire time being in Ireland. When ever I drove one of the narrow roads (and except Aran day we had them constantly) that could not possibily let an approaching car pass I always took notice of the pockets to see how far I would have to reverse. Being on the wrong side of the road. But fortunately the traffic on our visit (in these particular places) was very mild. So, Dunmase is a former defensive castle now ruins made possible to visit free of charge and enjoy the surroundings. The view from the ruins is amazing. You can see so far and the nature is stunning.
Wicklow mountains
So finally it was time to head towards Glendalough (Gleann Dá Loch) and Wicklow National Park where lay our one but last b&b. Wicklow mountains made their appearance as we got closer. Driving in the mountains is heavenly. I could just gaze at the view but I also have to take notice of the road and oncoming traffic. We stopped in a viewing point and looked down at the valley wandering that there were houses below. As it turned out Riversdale House B&B, where we were spending the night was located just there. After having climbed up the road to Cliffs of Moher with out 1.4 car that nearly died on the way, my friend was ready to leave our car on the higher road in case we did not make it up again. Though that scare turned out to be in vain.
Riversdale House B&B
We got settled in and made our way to Glendalough monastic settlement. Riversdale was once again so beautiful with a marvellous location and a walking distance from the monastic site. There were one of the steepest mountainsides I have seen, all covered with trees. Impossible as it seemed. It was as if trees were growing on a wall. 
The round tower and St Kevin`s Church
Glendalough was founded in the 6th century by St Kevin. The site is well preserved consisting of a graveyeard, High Cross, The Round Tower, St Kevin`s Church, The Gateway, The Cathedral
The Cathedral
The High Cross
St Kevin`s Cross and my fingers :)
and so forth. You are also able to walk by the two lakes (Upper and Lowe lake), hike on the trails and in the mountains. Again one place so worth visiting again if ever back in Ireland. Oh, this time I was able to get my hands around St Kevin`s cross, one thing I did not manage during my previous visit.
On our way back I saw an enormous snail.

Green woods between The Lower and The Upper lakes

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