Sunday, April 5, 2015


As one of this year`s new experiences I chose to try towerrunning. I have though about this for two years now. I discovered that kind of competitions two years ago but then the season was over. Last year again I remembered it too late but this year I was right on time.

The first etape was held in Radisson Blu Sky Hotel on 9th February. As this was my first ever towerrunning competition, I did not quite know what to expect. I have used stairs as a training method during my regular training (quite some time ago now but still). I was anxious. The start of the run was behind the building so we had to take a short run outside, got my chip that is used in orienteering and off I went. Swisshotel (official name being Radisson ...) has 26 floors, I managed to finish with 2.49 being second woman and second in my age group. Kaisa Kukk, who was the best Estonian woman in 2014 in Teletorn was the winner. The hardest bit was coughing after the run, and my legs kept shaking so much.

The second etape took place in  Radisson Blu Hotel Olümpia on 2nd March. I had the feeling I did not give my all in February, mainly because I did not know if I would last to the finish. So this time I tried my best not to hold back. 26.5 floors, made it in 2.29 and was the best woman. The run itself was kind of harder, my legs did not shake nor did my muscles hurt but breathing was so hard.

Today was the last competition in Teletorn which was a part of the World Championships as well. The staires were so narrow. 65 floors, oh breathing again was the hardest bit. Legs are just fine (I`ll see tomorrow). Took me 7.08 to get up, was 7th and 5th in my age group.Received my first World Cup points.

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